Christopher Calabretta

Global Vice President,
Supply Chain

Matt Dixon

Associate Director,
Supply Chain Compliance
As major world events continue to unfold, every organization is contending with supply chain disruptions. Challenges with Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain (CTASC™) are not going away. Ancillare remains at the forefront of supply chain innovation, and stays committed to helping Sponsors overcome setbacks and achieve their clinical trial milestones.

To provide further insight on how Ancillare addresses these challenges, we checked in with our Global Vice President of Supply Chain and Associate Director of Supply Chain Compliance.

As the supply chain is top of mind for everyone, what are Sponsors most worried about? How do you address their fears?

Sponsors tell us their chief concern is simple: it’s about getting the right product to the right location at the right time. The smallest hiccups in the supply chain can result in massive delays. For us, that means getting involved as early as possible in any given trial. Ancillary supplies and equipment are not always top-of-mind at the protocol development stage. However, we know from recent experience that not discussing the ancillary equipment requirements at the start of the protocol analysis will result in more delays and fewer higher costs. We make that clear for Sponsors when they come to us with big-picture supply chain concerns.

When sites shut down suddenly (due to unforeseen events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a natural disaster, or some other crisis), what does Ancillare have in place that ensures the supply chain does not collapse?

Just like any organization, Ancillare is subject to world events, and in the case of the Russia invasion, following international sanctions. However, we’re able to leverage a vast global network, which includes strategically located depots and long-standing relationships with suppliers all over the world. We will always work to provide alternative paths forward where possible, and to establish secondary solutions in partnership with our Sponsors.

What has Ancillare done proactively to strengthen Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chains (CTASCs)?

Many Sponsors come to us looking for stronger risk management strategies, which is why we’ve made it a fundamental part of our process. Ancillare works closely with the Sponsor at the beginning of a project to determine forecasted regions where trials may take place, and we identify suppliers and other partners in those regions that can support the expected activity. Any solution we propose always comes with a contingency plan. We also dedicate time to make fundamental improvements to Ancillare’s category and supplier management strategies, ensuring a more robust and dependable supply chain.

How does Ancillare keep the Sponsor and the sites on the same page when site disruptions are happening?

There are two primary ways we keep communication steady and consistent. First is our single point-of-contact approach. One Project Manager is responsible for coordinating the Ancillare Professional Team™, which includes a wide variety of experts across our Procurement, Logistics, and Quality teams. We hold regular meetings with the Sponsor to keep all parties informed and aligned. Secondly, we have powerful technologies at our disposal to give Sponsors and sites full visibility into what is going on in and around their supply chain. The Ancillare Digital Communications Platform (ADCP) gives real-time updates in a dashboard view, similar to a CTMS. We also deploy Ancillare Alerts to all Sponsors and study teams during times of widespread supply chain disruption.

How does Ancillare support individual sites?

More and more, we are hearing that site management and coordination is a pain point. We take a hands-on, site-centric approach that aims to create a better overall experience for investigators and staff. There are a few key ways we do this:

  • Identify local or alternate solutions for clinical sites as necessary
  • Plan around SIV dates to ensure sites receive all required materials in advance
  • Provide white-glove inside delivery to minimize site involvement
  • Provide clear timelines and tracking information for deliveries
  • Support the site’s closeout activities by recording disposal of materials at the site, or facilitating/arranging reclamation of delivered products as needed

What is one thing Ancillare does better than other clinical trial supply chain management providers?

Ancillare is uniquely equipped to handle emergency situations, including rescue studies. By staying nimble, proactive, and informed, we are able to field virtually any request that comes our way. It’s how we achieved 100% fulfillment over the course of the pandemic, and it’s how we’ll continue to provide innovative solutions for Sponsors amidst supply chain turmoil.

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