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What is A-TKO™?

The Ancillare Turn-Key Operation — or A-TKO™ — is a completely managed Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain (CTASC™). The model helps Sponsors and research companies strengthen their clinical supply chains through access to robust ancillary supply, equipment, medical device, and drug supply management options for Phase I-IV global clinical trials, through a collaborative partnership.


Rely on a single point-of-contact at Ancillare to streamline communication and expedite response time to requests.


Can lean on their counterpart at Ancillare to make sure they get the best options based on the therapeutic indication.


Can leverage our buying power and reduce storage costs of ancillary supplies for clinical trials, all organized on a single invoice.


Can realize significant overall cost savings through the efficiencies of multi-study clinical supply chain consolidation.

The A-TKO™ CTASC Sequence

The Optimal Combination of Expertise & Technology, Offered Only by Ancillare

Unlike click-and-order systems or companies offering ancillary supplies for clinical trials as an ‘add-on’, A-TKO™ gives Sponsors complete control over their ancillary supply and equipment programs, and uses proprietary technologies to work alongside their Clinical Trial Management Systems. Optimal results are realized when both Stages are implemented across one study or at an enterprise level.


Optimize Your Clinical Supply Chains’ Performance

When you engage Ancillare for an end-to-end Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain (CTASC), our Subject Matter Experts bring value throughout the entire trial lifecycle, specifically through collaboration with our:

Innovation Team

The Innovation Team, launched specifically to help Sponsors navigate the early-stage complexities of ancillary supplies for clinical trials, offers so much more than just product lists — they specialize in the analysis and recommendation of start-up to database-lock supply and equipment options given your program’s goals. And, with the guidance of clinical research professionals, they develop comprehensive early phase and one-to-one therapy program designs.

Clinical Development Team

The Clinical Development Team is experienced in all types of study design, ensuring compliant sourcing and procurement for clinical supply chains. They remain focused on regulatory compliance and data integrity through the full duration of the trial.

Ancillare Professional Team (APT™)

An APT™ Team consists of a dedicated point-of-contact / Project Manager (PM). The PMs also consult with our Procurement, Logistics, and Quality Teams, who apply rigorous standards and expedite the handling of all supply and equipment requests to be sourced and fulfilled.

Partner Success Stories

“As our ancillary supplies [partner], you’ve consistently demonstrated your commitment to quality in innumerable ways. You’ve continued to proactively mitigate risks and keep the lines of communication open with the team, collaborating with us to help ensure that our sites can be initiated and activated sooner rather than later. The supply reports and action logs that you regularly provide are thorough and timely, helping us stay on track with the constantly moving target of Site Initiation Visit dates. [Your team] continues to nurture a trusting and effective partnership that greatly benefits our study, but most importantly, our patients. We hope to continue a close and successful working relationship with you!”
“The Ancillare Team truly has been an immense game-changer for how we collectively function together.”
“Your admirable work ethic continues to nurture a trusting and effective partnership.”

“I would like to recognize your outstanding work and express my sincere gratitude. As our ancillary supplies project manager for this global study, you’ve consistently demonstrated your commitment to quality in innumerable ways.”

“In this time of global supply shortages and extended shipment times due to the pandemic, you’ve continued to proactively mitigate risks and keep the lines of communication open with the team, collaborating with us to help ensure that our sites can be initiated and activated sooner rather than later.”


Sourcing & Managing Non-IMP Products for Clinical Supply Chains

From diagnostic testing and medical equipment, to centrifuges, disposable products, refrigerators, computers, ECG machines, and delivery systems, our industry-leading approach consolidates as many clinical supply chain functions as possible. A fully-integrated Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain (CTASC) ensures efficient delivery to sites, avoids multiple shipments and non-compliance issues, and mitigates site delays due to stocking or import/export challenges. A given CTASC could involve all or some of the following:

Protocol Analysis & Planning

Illuminate the supply plan based on
your program’s goals, and optimize your clinical supply chain strategy.

Expert Sourcing & Procurement

Maximize your buying power on the purchase of supplies, kits, medical devices, technical equipment, and other ancillary supplies for clinical trials.

Global Storage & Distribution

Leverage our extensive network of depots, saving significantly on storage and shipping costs.

Kitting, Labeling, & Printing

Labeling of supplies, kitting, and printing of multilingual documentation are critical steps, and we ensure they are done right.

Returns, Reclamation, & Disposition

Whether for return, destruction, or resale, we handle all final trial supply material reconciliations and documentation.

Regulatory Support

Global trade compliance (import/export) and regulatory support are offered on a trial-by-trial and enterprise-level basis.

We Also Offer Therapeutic-Specific Programs

See how we have helped Sponsors and Research organizations achieve smooth ancillary supply operations, realize significant savings, and optimize their clinical supply chains across the top therapeutic indications, including: oncology, hematology, ophthalmology, cardiovascular, and infectious disease and vaccines (including COVID-19).
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