For those of us working every day to support clinical research, we know we are contributing to the greater goal of improving patients’ lives. Many of us entered the industry out of a desire to make a difference for those suffering around the world. COVID-19 vaccines, which offered immediate protection for ourselves and our loved ones, gave us a glimpse at the real world outcomes of our work. But when those outcomes are not visible, we can lose sight of the impact we are making.

Sometimes, we are lucky enough to get a reminder of the tangible impact we make right here at home. Ancillare is proud to celebrate one of those stories from our employee, Jessica.

Jessica’s Story

At age 15, Jessica suffered serious injuries when she was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike. Her doctors did not immediately realize that she had injured her back. Jessica eventually discovered she had suffered permanent nerve damage, and her pain persisted through adulthood. She explored all options for treatment, only stopping short of opioids to avoid potential addiction.

After decades with no relief, Jessica connected with a renowned neurologist at Delaware Valley Pain & Spine Institute. Dr. Bromberg told her about a device called the Saluda Closed Loop Spinal Cord Stimulator that works by sensing and responding to the patient’s neurological activity. This new therapy, which was developed by an Australian medical device company, was not yet available in the U.S. — but recruitment had just begun for clinical trials in the United States.

Excited to seize the opportunity, Jessica agreed to have the simulator attached to her spine and noticed dramatic relief. She then underwent surgery to have the device implanted, becoming the first American to do so.

Jessica says the device has had a life-changing impact for her and has since stopped all other medications.

Why Our Work Matters

Just like each and every Ancillare employee, Jessica contributes to our mission of relieving Sponsor’s Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain (CTASC™) pain points that slow down advancements in medicine. Now, her participation in a clinical trial has given her relief from physical pain that she has endured most of her life.

Our work to make clinical trials run more smoothly helps our partners create hope for patients every day, all over the world — be it through symptom relief, COVID-19 immunization, or the chance to live longer. No matter how small our tasks may seem, we are making a difference.