Minimizing interruptions in your Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain lowers risk of delay in your trial timeline — potentially saving millions in overall trial costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the global clinical supply chain. The sudden demand for ancillary supplies for clinical trials like needles, syringes, caps, IV lines, and thermometers put tremendous strain on Sponsors, who were up against the clock to develop safe and effective treatments.

Traditional procurement models could not meet the urgent need for these supplies. The same products needed to conduct vaccine trials were directed to healthcare systems and governments first, leading to unprecedented shortages.

Ancillare’s background of industry-wide innovation made the organization uniquely prepared to address these challenges. And in the post-pandemic environment, with no end in sight to recalls, shortages, and other supply chain interruptions, the CTASC approach offers the best path forward to mitigate risk and avoid costly delays.

The CTASC Blueprint for Crisis Management

Many years prior to the pandemic, Ancillare’s founders applied decades of supply chain expertise to develop the Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain (CTASC™) model. CTASC treats sourcing and managing ancillary supplies for clinical trials as its own discipline, creating detailed protocols to meet any type of supply chain challenge, and going beyond the confines of individual trials to develop program-wide strategies.

Many of Ancillare’s responses to crisis conditions will remain permanent CTASC offerings. For example, during a COVID-19 vaccine trial, Ancillare’s Innovation Team created and delivered customized kits that were equipped with all supplies required for a single patient’s visit. As a result, direct-to-patient kitting will be made available to all Sponsors as a quality assurance measure.

Why Sponsors and CROs Need a CTASC Partner

Dedicated CTASC management has always offered a clear advantage to Sponsors by deriving real-time solutions from long-term data. The COVID-19 crisis put this approach to the test during a period of unusually high demand — and also proved its long-term value for Sponsors.

In addition to working directly with Sponsors, Ancillare partners with Contract Research Organizations to alleviate pressure at any stage of the CTASC cycle. A centralized, strategic procurement option gives CROs a more reliable option for supply and equipment sourcing.

Put Ancillare’s Time-Saving Approach to the Test

We believe that a well-planned Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Chain is essential to on-time, on-budget trials. Whether for a single upcoming project, or your entire clinical development program, our experts are always happy to discuss strategies tailored to your team’s needs. Schedule a fifteen-minute consultation today.