A Letter to our Customers and Partners during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Valued Sponsors, CROs, and Partners,

Across the globe, we are all experiencing extremely challenging and difficult times. This global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us — every industry, organization, country, community, and unfortunately, our families. With many of us feeling a level of uncertainty, I have the confidence we will rise to the challenges of this pandemic and emerge from it stronger.

To navigate these challenging times and to ensure that our customers and their patients receive optimal responses, Ancillare has activated a robust global COVID-19 business continuity plan. Our plan addresses all perceived risks across the global clinical and ancillary supply chain, and details immediate actions and mitigations to prevent delays and stoppages.

Ancillare’s number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our team members, customers and their patients. To successfully achieve this goal, we must protect those essential Ancillare team members working at all Ancillare facilities, who are responsible for the receipt and release of critical clinical supplies to sites and patients worldwide. We do this by maintaining our facilities with hospital-grade cleaning regimens, allocating dedicated workstations and equipment, and practicing social distancing while on plant sites. All nonessential team members are working safely at home and successfully fulfilling all functions of their assignments. We are happy to report all Ancillare global essential and nonessential team members are healthy with no incidence of infection.

Ancillare monitors the global supply chain with the same level of robustness. Our COVID-19 Task Force is continuously assessing its vendor base across the globe to identify any gaps in service. Fortunately, Ancillare’s overall supply chain strategy has always fostered back-up plans by identifying second and third tier suppliers to fulfill any request should the primary vendor not be able to do so. We have exercised these back-up plans in real life (during product recall events) and mock situations, and these exercises have strengthened our ability to respond and fulfill our customers’ requests.

We at Ancillare promise to continue to deliver an exemplary level of service during “normal” times as well as periods of extreme crisis. All team members take their jobs very seriously, and we never forget that at the end of our chain is a patient desperately looking for a cure.

As CEO of Ancillare, I am humbled by all Ancillare team members for their outstanding work, and I thank them for their continued dedication. I am also honored for the opportunity to partner with our customers to support their efforts to discover new therapies. I thank you for your trust in our people and our organization during this time as we all face this unprecedented challenge together.

Be Safe and Remain Healthy,

CEO, Ancillare

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