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Global Clinical Logistics Management

Modern protocols call for a global network of investigator site locations to bring new compounds to markets around the world. The global scope means that sponsor companies must develop robust supply chains to ensure that materials reach trial sites in a timely, efficient manner. However, monitoring the activity of manufacturers and service providers is an extremely complicated, time consuming task and presents sources of failures for clinical trials. A strategic partner is required to oversee all global supply chain activities and help build the network necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.

At Ancillare, we understand the complexity of the global supply chain. Our expertise allows us to quickly identify manufacturers and service providers to build the system necessary for a successful protocol. Our teams manage the documentation flow to ensure passage of materials to countries throughout the world. By working as a strategic partner, we help to determine potential sources of supply chain failure and works to create solutions to ensure that all protocol requirements are met well in advance of the start of the trial. By managing global logistics, Ancillare reduces costs, builds supply chain efficiency and ensures that protocols are completed on time and on budget.

As experts in the global clinical supply chain, Ancillare works as a strategic partner to manage logistics requirements and help ensure protocol success.

Our proven services include:

ANCILLARE Global management of third party logistics providers (3PLs) including ambient and cold chain distribution
ANCILLARE Analysis of manufacturers and materials to ensure compliance with global regulations
ANCILLARE Help importers obtain import licenses from local authorities
ANCILLARE Gather information for licenses including Harmonized tariff codes, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of analysis, conformity or compliance, MSDS sheets and Calibration certifications
ANCILLARE Prepare Commercial Invoices or Proforma Invoices
ANCILLARE Import tax analysis and fee reporting for global shipment
ANCILLARE Working with manufacturers to provide CE, RoHS or other product markings
ANCILLARE Global and local materials sourcing
ANCILLARE Global warehousing and inventorying
ANCILLARE Tracking and monitoring of materials and supply chain
ANCILLARE Specialized logistics solutions including kitting, storage, cold chain, frozen and hazardous materials distribution


Our global clinical logistics management services are designed to provide the global supply chain necessary to ensure protocol success. Through our single-source management of the global clinical network, Ancillare is able to provide the technical expertise to reduce costs, build efficiency and mitigate supply chain risk throughout the protocol.

In Focus

Global Logistics Management:


Building robust supply chains for protocol success


Manage 3PLs and manufacturer requirements


Track shipments and provide specialized storage and distribution service


Manage the documentation process


Analyze costs and report results




Reduced protocol costs


Increased supply chain efficiency


Global risk mitigation


Ensure protocol success

Ancillare In Action:

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